Impactful data visualisation in Excel for powerful communication

7 Feb
6:00 pm
9:00 pm

About the session

There are a number of data visualisation applications and languages out there today, but Excel remains a powerful tool for creating impactful charts because it offers both an accessible and clean way to communicate data trends. This session will focus on both how to create charts in Excel and how to use them effectively to communicate with a wider audience.

  1. Determine the end goals for what the data visualisation is trying to communicate.
  2. Create different kinds of charts within Excel for an existing data table.
  3. Choose the most impactful type of chart to communicate trends and key points to the end user.
  4. Strategically format the chart colours and text labels to emphasise what the chart aims to communicate.
  5. Explore tips and tricks for building and formatting effective Excel charts.
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