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Celebrating excellence in the Excel industry

About the awards

In its inaugural edition, the Global Excel Awards gives you the chance to vote for those you believe most deserve recognition, with five categories up for grabs.

The choice is hard. After all, this enthusiastic community has surged in size over the years, with so many talented, helpful, and inspirational figures within it. But YOU can well and truly put them on the map.

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The Global Excel Awards is powered by Global Excel Summit, the world’s largest gathering of Excel users and experts. Our annual event welcomes thousands of people worldwide with a passion for supercharging their skills to accelerate career advancement.

If you’ve attended, you’ll know many award contenders have delivered top-notch sessions. They include Microsoft MVPs, trainers, and social media sensations.

Road to
victory timeline

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Most Influential
Professional in the
Excel Industry


There’s been a sizable increase in the number of Excel ‘influencers’ over the years.

But whether it’s video tutorials, articles, social media posts, or full-scale courses, this individual’s consistency in delivering content that educates and inspires is revered by many.

Who’s had the biggest impact on your Excel usage and overall workflow in daily life?

This category is open to all members of the Excel community.

Best Microsoft
Excel Add-in


Add-ins extend Excel’s capabilities, empowering you to execute tasks not possible or easily done natively.

Whether it’s productivity-boosting features, analysis tools, or additional chart options, this add-in is your go-to solution for everyday needs.

It might have a special purpose or be a Jack of all trades for tasks you perform regularly.

Which add-in could you not live without, though?

This category is open to active free and paid add-ins compatible with Excel for Microsoft 365.

Most Obscure Use of Excel


Many people have shown that Excel really is more than a glorified calculator. Innovative uses have popped up all over the web, whether it’s creative dashboards, animations, or games.

Its versatility is unrivalled. Afterall, it possesses the long-standing VBA, an extensive range of functions, and an underused set of design features.

But who has built something that’s gone far beyond the realms of normal Excel use?

This category is open to any individual as long as their work is publicly viewable on the web.

Lifetime Achievement


Excel was first launched in 1985 when, predictably, its user base was minuscule compared to now. Although there’s been an explosion in content creators over the past decade, a small army of veterans exists.

They were the ones delivering training, writing books and helping others on forums when it wasn’t fashionable. They also swayed Excel’s evolution, submitting feedback and suggestions to help Microsoft improve the program.

Remarkably, some of them are still going. But who deserves the most recognition?

This category is only open to individuals with a proven presence in the Excel community before 2000.

MVP in the Making


This individual has demonstrated outstanding Excel knowledge and community leadership through creating content, helping others, and participating in live events.

Their consistency is admirable, and they go above and beyond with everything they do.

However, there’s one thing missing — their achievements have not resulted in the highly acclaimed Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status — yet.

So…who should become an MVP?

This category is only open to individuals who’ve never been an MVP at any point in time.

Voting rules

Voting is now closed.

After counting takes place, winners for each of the five categories will be announced on 19 June 2023.

What winners get

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A shining symbol of victory engraved with your name and achievement. Will yours go on your mantelpiece?

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Speaker Slot

Qualify automatically as a Global Excel Summit 2024 speaker. Step into the spotlight and deliver the session of your dreams.



A document of distinction with your name and achievement firmly inscribed. How about photo-framing it to stick up on the wall, eh?



Have the honour of being among the first to go into the Global Excel Awards hall of fame!