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Frequently asked questions

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Is the Global Excel Summit for me?

The Global Excel Summit is for everyone who works with spreadsheets on a daily basis.

Typical job roles include: data analysts, data scientists, finance and accounting professionals, project managers, operations managers, administrative roles and others.

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What topics do you cover?

There are 5 main tracks we cover:

1. Tech & Innovation - this year's theme is AI Exceleration. You should expect sessions on ChatGPT, Python in Excel and more.
2. Finance & Accounting
3. Data Visualisation & Analytics
4. Power Query, Power Pivot & Power BI
5. Productivity, Efficiency & Automation

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Where is the Global Excel Summit held?

Back in 2020, the inaugural Global Excel Summit was intended to be an in-person event. However, the COVID-19 pandemic scuppered our plans, forcing us to defer it to the following year, when we held it virtually. The two subsequent conferences were also held this way to err on the side  of caution.

However, Global Excel Summit 2024 has the luxury of being the first-ever hybrid edition. See more  details in the 'Global Excel Summit 2024' section below.

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How do I join the event mailing list?

You can subscribe any time, using the Subscribe form on our Home page or using the footer of this website.

Global Excel Summit 2024

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When is the 2024 event taking place?

The whole event takes place across 5–9 February, with the schedule as follows:

5 Feb — Masterclasses (in-person & online)
6 Feb — Conference (in-person & online)
7 Feb — Conference (in-person & online)
8 Feb — Conference (online only)
9 Feb — Masterclasses (in-person)

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Will the 2024 event take place virtually again?

Global Excel Summit 2024 is the first-ever hybrid edition, featuring an in-person event held in London, UK, to go alongside our popular online offering.

It'll be hosted at the luxurious Vue Cinema in Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush), west of the capital.

The in-person conference is 6–7 February, with a dedicated online day on 8 February.

This is sandwiched between the Masterclass days — special sessions only available with certain ticket types. Some of these take place in-person only and others virtually.

We appreciate due to the  location and ticket limitations, this doesn't suit everyone. That's why we're live-streaming the whole event and ensuring it's accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

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Do I need any specific software to attend virtually?

No. You don't need to download or install any software to participate. A standard internet-accessible computer with a web browser will suffice.

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How do I apply for a speaker slot?

We’re always looking to collaborate with fanatics and experts who are willing to push the boundaries and shape the future of Excel .

You can apply as an individual or suggest someone you know. If we think you or they are a good fit, we'll get in touch.

Feel free to submit your application.

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What timezone is the event delivered in?

All sessions (in-person and online) take place in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Session replays are available on-demand for all paid ticket holders.

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What's the name of your event platform?

Hubilo. It specialises in creating interactive and engaging experiences, so you can be sure you'll feel close to the action while it's being live streamed. Learn more  at

If you're accessing the event virtually,  you'll be able  to move between rooms depending on your session preferences.

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How do I log in?

Your login details will be emailed to you ahead of the event. You can use these details to access the Hubilo platform.

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We are interested in being an Event Partner/Sponsor. How do we apply?

If you’re interested in becoming an Event Partner/Sponsor at next year’s event, please get in touch we will contact you to discuss this further.


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Do I need to pay to attend the event?

To access the full Global Excel Summit experience, including all Main Stage, Lounge rooms, Masterclass sessions, payment is required. Some sessions on Day 3 of the event, as well as, the virtual Company Showroom and the virtual Networking area, could be attended free of charge.

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Do ticket prices include VAT?

Yes, all of our ticket prices are inclusive of 20% VAT. If your company is paying for your ticket, you can request an invoice and claim 20% VAT back.

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What ticket type is best for me?

There are three types of tickets available – Student, Professional and Team.

Student Ticket (Full/Part time enrolled students)
Holding a MOS certification can earn an entry-level business employee as much as $16,000 more in annual salary than uncertified peers. Companies look to hire and promote people who hold certificates as proof for the skills they possess. This is a chance for you to connect with professionals and firms, looking to recruit students, who are eager to learn and expand their potential.

Professional Ticket (Professionals, Entrepreneurs And Aspiring Freelancers)

It’s no secret that in today’s ever-evolving industry, if you’re not a step ahead, you’re already behind. Our summit exclusives increase your earning potential, hireability and overall qualifications by giving you on-site certifications, never before seen insights from industry leaders and an unparalleled opportunity to network with potential employers, business partners and valuable connections across the Globe.

Team Ticket (Business Owners, Team Leaders And Corporations)

Your employees are working hard to help you get ahead. Now, it’s time to supercharge their efforts with modern tools that can transform your operation from average to elite. Our training sessions are guaranteed to enhance your team’s productivity, streamline your operating systems and reduce potential errors in your bottom line. Powerful team building, even more powerful results.

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How many people can use the same login credentials?

The platform is designed to only allow one user per registration. You will not be able to share login credentials.

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Can I get a refund if I can't make it?

Tickets are refundable up to 30 days before the beginning of the event. All purchases of online conference tickets are non-refundable in their entirety after the end of this period.

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How do I register for the event?

Registration for our 2024 event will go live on in September 2023. We recommend purchasing your ticket(s) early to advantage of our Early Bird prices.

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Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, no problem. You are free to re-assign your ticket up to 48 hours before the beginning of the event – just reply to your confirmation email which you would have received after your purchase and let us know the name/email address of the person who will be taking your seat.

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Do you provide a certificate or proof of attendance, indicating my participation in the event?

We provide CPD-accredited certificates of attendance to everyone who registers and participates in the Global Excel Summit conference experience (all paid ticket types).

We are not offering formal certifications to attendees, who hold a FREE ticket type.

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When do Early Bird prices end?

Early Bird pricing ends on 27 November 2023.

Need more help?

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I have a question that I can't find the answer for.

No problem. If you have any additional questions, send us a message via our Contact form or e-mail us on

This  FAQ page is frequently updated as new information becomes available.