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Sheetcast takes the stage  at Global Excel Summit 2023

Sheetcast takes the stage at Global Excel Summit 2023

Sheetcast made a splash at February’s Global Excel Summit 2023, with a main stage presentation on the opening day, followed by an extensive series of live online demos.

This year’s event attracted thousands of Excel experts, influencers, and enthusiasts from 138 countries – a true testament to the ubiquitous utility Excel provides to users around the globe.

The slate of more than 30 presenters included some of the top names in the industry, including Oz du Soleil, Jordan Goldmeier, Joshua Cottrell-Schloemer, and many others. With a daily lineup of panel discussions, presentations, demos from leading Excel-related companies, and Excel master classes, the summit provided tremendous opportunities to explore the vast possibilities within Excel.

“If you want to learn, share, and engage with the global Excel community, you have to be at the GES,” said Jason Clarke, Sheetcast’s VP of Sales. “Beyond my own participation and presentations, I enjoyed many of the other sessions and speakers as well. There was a lot of Excel talent and ingenuity on display, and so many opportunities to make new connections in the Excel community.”

On the opening day, Clarke participated in a panel discussion on Excel in Education – two of his passions. “What a great discussion and impressive panel,” said Clarke. “The other speakers were Steve Kraynak, an Excel product manager at Microsoft, Chris Dutton of Maven Analytics, and Cheri Bortleson—Microsoft’s top authority on Excel in schools. As a tech-industry executive who also serves on a school board, I was thrilled to explore that important topic in such an elite company. Our moderator Matthew Bernath—another expert in the field—asked some really thoughtful and important questions.”

Throughout the three-day GES, a steady flow of attendees dropped into the Sheetcast demo sessions, including well-known international Excel MVPs like Karen Abecia (Brazil), Cristian Angyal (Romania), and Victor Momoh (Nigeria). 

During the sessions, one of Sheetcast’s product specialists, Alex Martin, showcased a financial modelling web app he built using Sheetcast.

“A company wanting to build comparable custom software on this scale would have to invest something between 500-700 man-hours in a months-long team project,” Martin commented.

“Using Excel and Sheetcast, I was able to deliver the same software, by myself, in 10 to 20 hours over three days. I spent a lot of that time thinking about and designing the spreadsheet, and just a few more hours to create and deploy the software.”

Jason Clarke and Alex Martin during a live Sheetcast demo at GES 2023

Sheetcast enables everyday Excel users to accomplish similarly heroic feats, creating powerful custom web apps using the Excel knowledge they already possess.

As Martin walked observers through his example web app, the chat thread quickly filled with enthusiastic comments:

"This is amazing! Who in the 1990s could have imagined Excel playing this role?"
"I'm already thinking of possible use-cases that I could implement, replacing either Excel files or RDL reports ... or PBI reports used only to export to Excel."
"I can see many uses of this. Budget is our time-consuming activity and requires input from operations. We have spent so much customizing systems to make them work for us."
"Excellent. Well done, Sheetcast team."

Global Excel Summit 2023 marks the beginning of a three-year brand partnership with Sheetcast. “We’re fortunate to have Sheetcast as a long-term brand partner,” said GES co-founder Elena Lalovska. “Sheetcast offers a great product. We are already looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!”

As part of the partnership, Sheetcast will host multiple online events throughout the year designed to engage with and deliver value to the Excel user community. Meanwhile, as word continues to spread, the Sheetcast team is busy delivering one-on-one online product demos.

For more information on Sheetcast or to book your own 30-minute product demo, visit

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