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Financial Modeling Accreditation

The most respected accreditations in Financial Modeling globally. By Financial Modeling Insitute.

AFM is the global standard in financial modeling.

Stand out from the crowd with the  most coveted accreditation.

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Advanced Financial Modeler

Demonstrate financial modeling excellence through a 4-hour proctored exam where you'll be building a 3-statement model of a company from scratch.

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Save 15% with code: GES15

By gaining the AFM accreditation you will learn how to:

  • create a financial model that can be used as a critical decision-making tool, allowing users to make accurate and informed financial decisions about a company

  • use a financial model as a powerful communication tool to clearly and effectively tell the story of a company

  • demonstrate the technical modeling skills most valued by employers and client

Why choose the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI)?

The FMI raises global awareness and upholds high standards in the financial modelling sphere thanks to its widely-acclaimed accreditation programs.

It offers the best way to validate your skills and accelerate career growth.

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