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Sheetcast and Global Excel Summit launch brand partnership

Sheetcast and Global Excel Summit launch brand partnership

Sheetcast and The Global Excel Summit have signed a three-year brand partnership agreement.

This brings together Sheetcast, a patented Excel add-in that allows everyday Excel users to create custom web applications, using the familiar power of Excel, and The Global Excel Summit, an annual event that brings together Excel users from around the world…

We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with the GES,” says Jason Clarke, Vice President of Sales for Sheetcast. “The Global Excel Summit is a world-class event, attended by some of the most influential people in the Excel community. As the lead sponsor for last year’s summit, we were amazed by the scope of the event, the quality of the presenters, and the engagement of the community. We invented, patented, and invested millions of dollars in Sheetcast precisely for this type of audience; we are proud to associate our brand with the GES.

As part of the partnership, Sheetcast will be hosting multiple online events throughout the year designed to engage with and deliver value to the Excel user community.

We are committed to the long-term success of the Global Excel Summit as an event,” Clarke says. “But we want to work with our GES partners during the rest of the year as well, to explore new ways to connect with and deliver value to the Excel user community.”
"Our mission for the Global Excel Summit is to aid the growth and development of the Excel industry world wide. After having worked with the Sheetcast team, seen their dedication to their product and their company’s culture, we really felt connected to them. We have a united goal in pushing the boundaries of the Excel industry and enriching the community in any way we can.

I believe that we will not only flourish together, but also provide a new type of experience for those interested. Jason and Laina are spot on, they take their time to ensure that everything meets their high standards before leaving their desks. This to me is passion for the industry, for their company and for Excel. I am so excited to start this new chapter for our brands and see where we end up. Welcome on board, Sheetcast!”

- Elena Lalovska, Partner at Global Excel Summit
The theme for Global Excel Summit 2023 (February 6-8) is ‘Excel Beyond Expectation.’ - Clarke calls the slogan a perfect fit for Sheetcast. “Think about it: spreadsheets that create software in minutes. That is definitely ‘Beyond Expectation,’ but Sheetcast has made it a reality. All anyone needs is their existing knowledge of Excel and the Sheetcast add-in. Finally, custom software is within everyone’s grasp and budget.”

With Sheetcast, everyday Excel users can design and launch their own custom web apps, right from within Excel. New custom applications can be designed, created, and deployed from existing spreadsheets in minutes.

Launched in 2021, Global Excel Summit (hosted by DATEL Productions) is the world’s leading online Excel event, bringing together the brightest minds from the world of Excel. Over the course of three days, Excel professionals gather to elevate their skills, gain inspiration, widen their networks, and stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

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