Use Squirrel365 with Excel to stand out from the crowd

Use Squirrel365 with Excel to stand out from the crowd

Are you struggling with presenting your spreadsheets in a slick, interactive and visually appealing way?

Want to share the results of your spreadsheets without sharing the spreadsheet itself?

Do you want to give others an easy way to save scenarios of the data in your spreadsheet?


In today’s day and age, spreadsheets have become second nature to us. But sometimes it’s not enough to create your model and send it out to people.

Squirrel365 is a spreadsheet companion tool which helps with all of this and by visualizing the workings of your model can help to drive decisions, communicate forecasts or even explain the value of your products and services.

Squirrel guarantees taking your Excel and Google Sheet spreadsheets to the next level.

With the help of Squirrel365 you can:

  1. Add slick, interactive, visual front-ends to your spreadsheets.
  2. Share the results with a link or embed (with interactivity) into PowerPoint.
  3. Turn spreadsheets into fully-fledged web apps.

All while using your existing Excel skills and with absolutely no code whatsoever. Making it easy and hassle free. You can also connect your Squirrel projects to external spreadsheets, from the cloud, so your presentations are always automatically up to date.

Check out these interactive examples below, all created “point and click” from a spreadsheet using Squirrel:

Website Conversation Calculator (feel free to push the buttons and slide the sliders)

SaaS calculator (feel free to push the buttons and slide the sliders)

If this sounds interesting, click on the link below. You can register for a free Squirrel account and give it a go! It could change the way you see your Excel and Google Sheet spreadsheets forever.

About the Author

Donald has spent over 20 years in BI, Business Modelling and Analytics with Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, SAP, Antivia, and InsightSoftware. He is now Chief Strategy Officer at Squirrel365.

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