Global Excel Summit 2023 highlights

Global Excel Summit 2023 highlights

Two weeks ago, thousands gathered for Microsoft Excel's annual three-day jamboree, as over 30 experts delivered awe-inspiring sessions designed to propel people to greater career heights.

They didn't disappoint. 

We discovered new features, we uncovered new functions, and we learnt better ways to analyse our data. 

They taught us the what, they taught the why, and they taught us the how — and we all left well and truly equipped to Excel Beyond Expectation.

That's right — it was Global Excel Summit 2023.

So much happened that we can't possibly cover everything, but we've put together a few of our favourite highlights.

Grab a coffee, have a read, and enjoy!

An Excel-lent opening

Microsoft's Olivia Thomas kicked off the summit with an opening keynote revealing a host of new additions that have appeared in Excel recently, including text and array functions, collaboration features, Office Scripts, and Power Query for Mac!

Event Ambassador and world-renowned MVP Leila Gharani followed with a tutorial about using Excel with the same API ChatGPT is based on to solve various formula challenges. She also touched on Analyze Data, Office Scripts, and Power Query!

A platform like no other

Our Hopin platform had many features to make the event an interactive and immersive experience.

You were never far away from the action in the Main Stages area, where you could access live and scheduled sessions at the click of a button.

The Lounge Area featured some great sessions from our partners and Excel Essentials speakers.

The chat facility proved very popular, allowing you to respond to moments in real-time and ask the speaker those burning questions on your mind.

The Networking Area let you converse with fellow attendees in a fun virtual space to discuss all-things Excel!

We are truly global

Our attendees and speakers came from a total of 138 countries, making this the most cosmopolitan Global Excel Summit ever! The United States, India, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia had the highest representation.

Taking Excel beyond the boundaries 

We thank all our partners for their contributions. They put on a great show, whether it was on the Main Stage or in the Lounge Area.

Zebra BI demonstrated how their add-in can transcend Excel's limitations by converting boring reports into actionable data stories.

Sheetcast showed how Excel can be used as a gateway for creating powerful custom web applications.

Someka taught us how to master conditional formatting and build our own Excel templates.

Airrange revealed how Excel can be transformed into a fully-fledged no-code app builder.

Oz and Victor hang out

Oz du Soleil, well-known for his red Mohican and snazzy T-shirts — not to mention his Excel on Fire YouTube channel — crossed paths with Victor Momoh, a Nigeria-based petroleum engineer who runs ExcelMoments on the same platform.

'Going Rogue in Excel' proved lively, as the two MVPs shared anecdotes and discussed solutions to several scenarios. Context, mega formulas, pie charts, and merged cells all contributed to a thought-provoking session!

Early victory in Expert Battles

Congratulations to Diarmuid Early, who triumphed in Expert Battles, an eSports competition that saw 68 experts take on an Excel challenge in a 30-minute time frame.

Organised by Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) Early achieved a perfect score of 1250 in under 26 minutes.

Three others also achieved maximum points, including Jason Webber, who featured in the streamed session against the same number.

We say well done to everyone, though. Expert Battles is not only a test of immense skill; it's about nerves of steel, so we admire the courage of those who put themselves forward!

Preparing the next generation for Excel

On the opening day, the ‘Excel in education’ panel discussion took place, debating the importance of teaching children Excel to help them prepare for the workplace.

The panellists spoke of their own experiences, what needs improving, and the challenges of getting young people spreadsheet-ready. 

During the session, we put out a poll asking all attendees: ‘How much Excel did you cover at school?’. Needless to say, the results paint a bleak picture, but this is why we’re here!

Lungu stars in breathtaking session

George Lungu wowed the crowd on the second day as he showed us the process of building a 3D wireframe animation in Excel.

George is well-known for taking things to stratospheric heights. He’s been producing innovative creations for many years on Excel Unusual and never fails to impress.

His collection of demos included a rotatable house, a sprite-based engine, an oscillator, and a flight simulator.

He left many people wondering, is this really Excel?

Top-notch Masterclasses 

Our Premium ticket holders were treated to a feast of special sessions by Alan Murray, Gašper Kamenšek, Danielle Stein Fairhurst, George Mount, Chandoo, and Helen Wall. These stretched beyond the regular sessions and dived deeper into Excel and Power BI, covering a range of industry-relevant topics.

Wish you came?

Perhaps you attended the FREE first day of Global Excel Summit 2023 and thoroughly enjoyed it, but there's lingering regret you didn't go to the other two. Or, maybe you've only just discovered the event and are gutted to have missed out.

Either way, our exclusive Conference Recordings package allows you to replay ANY session. It includes 30 Main Stage Sessions with over 34 hours of footage.

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Let's wrap up

Once again, we’d like to thank attendees, speakers, partners, and the team behind the scenes for putting together a fantastic event.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the event. Tell us what your favourite sessions were and any memorable moments!

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