Voting is open for the Global Excel Awards! Cast yours before the 4 June deadline. 🗳️
Global Excel Awards launches!

Global Excel Awards launches!

Are you a Microsoft Excel fanatic?

You can now participate in the Global Excel Awards, which showcases outstanding achievements and contributions made in the Excel industry.

Award Categories

In its inaugural edition, you can vote for those in the community you believe most deserve recognition, with five categories up for grabs:

1. Most Influential Professional in the Excel Industry

The individual who’s had the biggest impact on your Excel usage and workflow, thanks to their video tutorials, articles, social media posts, or full-scale courses.

2. Best Microsoft Excel Add-in

The add-in that most extends Excel’s capabilities and empowers you to execute tasks not possible or easily done natively. It might have a special use or be a Jack of all trades for standard tasks.

3. Most Obscure Use of Excel

The individual who's built something far beyond the realms of normal Excel use.  It could be a creative dashboard, a game, or a handy utility that serves a functional purpose.

4. Lifetime Achievement

The individual who’s had the biggest influence on Excel’s evolution since its early days, delivering training, writing books, posting on forums, and sending feedback to Microsoft.

5. MVP in the Making

The individual most deserving of MicrosoftMost Valuable Professional (MVP) status, having demonstrated outstanding knowledge and community leadership.

Each category is bound by strict entry criteria, ensuring only selections deemed suitable are eligible for nomination.

Powering the Global Excel Awards is us — the Global Excel Summit! Our annual event invites Microsoft MVPs, trainers, and social media sensations to deliver action-packed sessions to thousands of attendees, aiming to accelerate their career advancement.

Co-founder, Elena Lalovska, says:

“Our mission is to help facilitate the growth and development of the Excel industry globally. What better way to do this than shine the spotlight on those who deserve to be recognised for their hard work and incredible achievements?

The Global Excel Awards celebrate excellence in the Excel industry while allowing the industry to decide who the winners will be. This is yet another tool in our toolbox dedicated to strengthening the foundations of our community – because, let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Excel, none of us would be where we are today!”

Road to victory

The awards span over two months, consisting of nominations and voting stages before the eventual winners are announced.

Nominations take place from 12 to 30 April, with participants required to submit a name of their choice for one or more categories. After this window shuts, the counting process commences, with the top five highest nominations from each category put forward for the final vote.

Between 15 May and 4 June, voters then decide who is most worthy of winning each category. Once finished, the votes get tallied up, and the results are ratified before announcing the winners on 19 June.

Those victorious receive a badge, certificate, trophy, and the honour of an automatic speaker slot at next year’s Global Excel Summit 2024.

Any names in mind?

You can now cast your nominations and votes at webpage also contains more information about the Global Excel Awards, including the categories and the rules.

Have fun nominating!

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