Financial Modelling with Dynamic Arrays

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5 Feb
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10:00 pm
4:00 pm

About the session

Best practice financial modelling in Excel has always encouraged consistency of formulas with calculations performed in blocks. Excel’s dynamic array functions mean that it’s impossible to have inconsistent formulas and are perfect for building financial models, however, the techniques needed to build a model using dynamic arrays are significantly different from the traditional way of building formulas with absolute and relative cell references.

Building a fully dynamic model requires additional thought and layout planning compared to conventional methods, but the extra planning is worth the effort!

Who is this for?

This Masterclass is designed for users who use Excel on a regular basis and are comfortable  with using its tools and functions. It is assumed that attendees will have  some financial background.

  • Financial modellers and analysts
  • Business professionals who are eager to improve their Excel and Financial Modeling skills
  • Finance & Accounting students


  • The course is demonstrated using the latest version of Excel for Microsoft 365 but participants can use whichever version of Excel they are most comfortable with.  The course materials include additional instructions for prior versions of Excel, and Excel for Mac users are also catered for.
  • Each delegate must bring their own laptop with their preferred version of Excel installed.

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