Excel Analytics 2.0 (SOLD OUT)

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5 Feb
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3:00 pm
8:00 pm

About the session

With the integration of AI insights, coding support, and Python within Excel, the landscape of Excel analytics has transformed. This masterclass aims to consolidate and explain these advancements. Participants will gain an understanding of Excel's latest AI capabilities and learn to leverage AI effectively. Additionally, they will receive a comprehensive introduction to Python as a complement to Excel's toolkit. By the end, attendees will be equipped to craft modern analytics solutions directly from Excel.

Who is this for?

This is designed for Excel users who want to make the most of their data using next-generation features. Typical job titles who could particularly benefit include:

  • Data analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Marketing coordinators
  • Accountants
  • Controllers
  • Operations analysts


To make the most of this masterclass, it is recommended that you have a Windows computer with the Office 365 version of Excel for desktop. The features covered in this class are relatively new and may not be available in older Excel versions. Please note that many of these tools are still being developed for Mac, and compatibility may vary. Due to the fast-paced nature of Excel’s development, it is difficult to provide a precise list of what’s available for each version.

This class is designed for intermediate Excel users who wish to explore modern features that they may not be familiar with. To get the most of it, the Excel topics you should be familiar with include the following:

  • Absolute, relative, and mixed cell references
  • Conditional logic and conditional aggregation (IF() statements,
  • SUMIF()/SUMIFS(), and so forth)
  • Combining data sources (VLOOKUP(), INDEX()/MATCH(), or other lookup functions)
  • Sorting, filtering, and aggregating data with PivotTables
  • Basic plotting (bar charts, line charts, and so forth)
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