Transforming your boring Power BI reports to AWESOME data stories

7 Feb
6:00 pm
9:00 pm

About the session

So you've learned how to use Power BI and been able to build a few reports. But now they look meh! Join Chandoo on this transformational journey and discover the hidden gems of Power BI to help you tell compelling data stories.

Here is the brief tour-plan for us:

  1. We'll start with a regular Power BI report
  2. Understand how to create a data story - mockup and design process
  3. Use controlled interactions with bookmarks, tooltips and other Power BI features
  4. Highlight important data points with Conditional formats & DAX
  5. Use measure driven titles for charts & narrative statements
  6. Jump to different points of the story with buttons & navigation elements
  7. Work with backgrounds, images and logos
  8. Best practices for story-telling with Power BI
  9. Your questions & discussion

As part of this Masterclass, you'll get a sample workbook, dataset and 🎁 bonus PDF on Power BI Design concepts.

Who is this for?

For anyone who wants to take their Power BI reports to the next level! It's ideal for:

  • Data analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Marketing coordinators
  • Accountants
  • Controllers
  • Operations analysts


  • An intermediate understanding of Power BI — you know your way around the program and have previous experience building reports.
  • A copy of Power BI Desktop installed so you can join in!
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