Data Visualisation & Analytics

The power of colour in data visualisation

7 Feb
2:00 pm
2:45 pm

About the session

In data visualisation, colour sets the tone and enforces a message for the underlying visual display. It creates a certain atmosphere and can turn an unassuming visualisation into an emotion-filled data story.

Of all the design elements in a given data visualisation – the headings, the analysis, the comparisons, and so on – colour is arguably one of the most important and can speak to your audience in many ways.

In this session we will learn:

- The role that colour theory plays in data visualisation and storytelling

- How to improve data visualisations using colour

- How colours affect your audience's understanding of data visualisations

- How to use colour intentionally in data visualisation

- Best practice for colours that people with colour vision deficiency can interpret

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