Finance & Accounting

P&L statements in data modeling (Excel and Power BI)

7 Feb
1:00 pm
1:45 pm

About the session

Profit and Loss statements usually seem very basic. The reason they appear so is that when you look at it on paper, all you've got is basic arithmetic. You're making additions. You're doing subtractions. There is nothing fancy going on. Now when you take that into Excel, the simplicity is still there. Excel still allows you to edit every cell, so if it's not an incredibly long P&L statement, it's still simple. And then you get to Power BI, and basically, what you're saying is, I need a single calculator (or measure) that can behave in all these different specific ways.

Depending on where in my Profit and Loss statement I am. Now, this suddenly becomes an art form. In this session, Gašper shows you how to create a profit and loss statement in Power BI in less than one hour with the addition of…  It is going to look like the best Profit and Loss statement ever in Power BI. Oh yeah… And then he will even do it in Excel.

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