Excel Essentials

Introduction to Power BI

6 Feb
11:00 pm
11:45 pm

About the session

Learn how to Master Power BI, Microsoft's most successful data visualization tool, in just 1 hour.

In this Power BI session, you will learn how to take raw data and turn it into a fully-functional dashboard from scratch. What to expect:

  1. The different Power BI versions and licensing options
  2. Data types that are compatible with Power BI
  3. Get data into Power BI and analyze it using dazzling visualizations
  4. Use Power Query to transform data to your liking
  5. Create calculated fields in just a few keystrokes
  6. Seamlessly build data relationships without having to write a single line of code
  7. Develop powerful reports and publish them to the Power BI Service
  8. Create engaging dashboards and analyze results using in-built AI functionality
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