Summer Masterclass Sessions. 10 premium Masterclasses. 100% online. Limited seats available. Learn More!

Summer Masterclass Sessions. 10 premium Masterclasses. 100% online. Limited seats available. Learn More!

Summer Masterclass Sessions. 10 premium Masterclasses. 100% online. Limited seats available. Learn More!

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  • Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London
  • 6-9 February 2021


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Why exhibit?

The Global Excel Summit is the largest gathering of Microsoft Excel professionals in the world. If you buy, sell, build, consult, train, or otherwise engage in Microsoft Office in any way, shape, or form, the Global Excel Summit’s exhibitors floor is the right room for you.

This is your target market. They’re gathered together for the first time, following a prolonged period of social distancing and pent-up demand. They’re excited. They’re eager to grow their business. They’re ready to move their careers forward. And they’re all in the same space, ready to interact with your brand.

The Global Excel Summit is your chance to:

• Connect with over 1000 Excel users Present you brand and demo you solutions
• Showcase your brand
• Demo your solutions
• Build new relationships and nurture existing ones
• Increase your reach and grow your market share
• Be a part of the conversation

Want more information? Get our Exhibitor brochure!

Admission policy

1. Introduction
1.1 The Global Excel Summit 2021 (the “Event“) and (the “Website“) is operated and managed by DATEL Productions Limited (“DATEL“, “we“, “us”, our“, the “Organiser“). We are limited company incorporated in England and Wales 1(no. 0106893) with registered address 123 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, England, SW1W 9SH.
1.2 “Event Participant” is anyone, attending the event in any shape or form, including but not limited to visitors, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, media and press representatives, or guest speakers.
1.3 The Event is taking place at Queen Elizabeth II Centre, located on Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE, United Kingdom (the “Venue”) between 6-9 February 2021.
2. Event Attendance
2.1 Only pre-registered visitors, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, media & press partners, and guest speakers, who are badge holders will be able to attend the Event.

2.2 If unable to pre-register online, one would be able to pre-register at the registration desk of Queen Elizabeth II Centre on each Event day.

2.3 Full visitor, delegate, exhibitor, sponsor ticket payment is required to attend the Event.
Failure to provide evidence of payment and/or discount code you may have used, may result in longer admission time, need to register again, or inability to attend the Event.
3. Event Admission
3.1 Admission is open to any individual and/or company, who is/are involved in or has/have a direct link and/or connection to the subject matter of the Event or associated industries.
3.2 Event Participants are allowed access to all of the Venue’s common areas, including the Lobby, the Expo Show space on Level 5 (Cambridge and Windsor rooms) as well as, the catering area.

3.3 Delegate ticket holders get access to Conference space on Level 6 (Mountbatten room) and each one of the 3 Conference rooms on Level 4 (Shelley, Wordsworth and Wesley), as well.

4. Event Times
4.1 On 5 February 2020 access will only be granted to exhibitors, sponsors, and/or contractors, associated or linked to the build-up activities of the exhibitor stands and/or any branding materials that need to be placed at the Venue. The venue doors will be open between 19:00-23:59.

4.2 On 6 February 2020 access will be granted to all Event Participants, who show a valid email confirmation of their involvement in the event, along with a valid photo-ID. The venue doors will be open be open from 08:00 for Exhibitors and Sponsors, and 09:00 for Event Participants. The event will end at 19:00.

4.3 On 7 February 2020 access will be granted to all Event Participants, who show a valid email confirmation of their involvement in the event, along with a valid photo-ID. The venue doors will be open be open from 08:00 for Exhibitors and Sponsors, and 09:00 for Event Participants. The event will end at 18:00.

4.4 No one will be allowed to enter and/or be present at the venue prior the opening and after the closing times.

5. Identity check
Everyone, attending the Event in any shape or form, should carry a valid photo-ID, e.g. national identity card, passport, driving licence), to present at the registration desk in order to get their admission badge.
6. Badge security
6.1 At no point is anyone, attending the Event, allowed to give, lend or sell their badge to anyone else outside or inside the Venue. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the removal of that individual from the Event. They may not be allowed to re-enter afterwards.

6.2 Anyone, who attempts to steel a badge, falsify a badge or try to create their badge themselves will be refused admission by the Organiser.

7. Children
Children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to attend the Event without adult supervision. Accompanying adult’s phone number must be worn on the child’s wrist at all times, while on the Event premises.
8. Animals
With the exception of guide dogs or any other service animals, no pets or animals of any kind will be allowed at the Event.
9. Dress Code
All Event Participants should be dressed in appropriate business wear. No flip flops and/or shorts will be allowed.


10.1 The safety and security of every Event Participant is a top priority for the Organiser. Security and stewarding staff members are hired to develop and take appropriate security measures during the Event.

10.2 All Event Participant bags will be checked at the security point upon arrival. CCTV will be in operation at all times during the event.

10.3 Event Participants agree not to engage in any disruptive activity, including but not limited to demonstrations, offensive behaviour and/or leafleting.

10.4 All Event Participants should report any unusual and/or suspicious behaviour to a member of the staff immediately.


The Organiser reserves the right to remove anyone from the Event, who does not comply and/or breaks any of the terms, outlined in the Event’s Admission policy.


Please refer to our Privacy Policy for all details around Privacy and Data Protection prior, during and/or after the Event.


If you have any questions about this Admission Policy, please contact us at or via post on 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London, England, SW1W 9SH.

Founded by London-based entrepreneurs, Tea Kuseva and Elena Lalovska, DATEL Productions Ltd. is an experiential studio that crafts high impact events. Coming from large scale event production for Google and Apple, we keep a small team of extremely talented and strategically led people, dedicated to deliver a fresh new reality into the events production universe. We partner up with industry experts and influencers to deliver high impact messages to diverse audiences. Whatever we do, we do it with finesse and simplicity, while always remaining loyal to our brand’s vision and direction. Unique identity, distinctive event programme and huge business opportunity for every stakeholder, are at the core of every project we undertake. With the help of our creative & research team we remain on top of the market, always presenting forward ideas executed to the highest standards, with attention to the smallest detail.

The Global Excel Summit is crafted in collaboration with Randy Austin.

Excel University provides a safe and fun online platform for learning Excel. If you feel busy and stressed at work, our programs will help you focus on the process and skills you need to get your work done fast. Developed by Jeff Lenning, Microsoft Certified Trainer, our on-demand training programs teach Excel topics in a systematic progression, so you see how everything fits together.

oz du soleil

Founder of Excel on Fire

5x Microsoft MVP

Oz du Soleil is an Excel developer, trainer, videographer, author, raconteur, LinkedIn instructor, and Microsoft Excel MVP. He’s known for his brash, overly dramatic YouTube videos at Excel on Fire where Oz goes beyond Excel tips-&-tricks and brings you the real world why, how and when so that users get the most from Excel. Oz is a US Navy veteran and lives in Portland Oregon. Fun fact: Oz is in a documentary about sriracha hot sauce.


Taking risks as a content creator

On platforms like YouTube there is endless advice for growing a channel, but not so much on creativity, and the risks of stretching out to be creative. Oz du Soleil produces Excel tutorials for the Youtube channel Excel on Fire, known for its brash, overly dramatic, adventurous style. Oz will share some of the behind-the-scenes risks and rewards for going against common wisdom. He will also share a bit about the path that lead up to a call from LinkedIn Learning (formerly and their 2-year relationship.

Tony De Jonker

Principal of De Jonker Consultancy

5x Microsoft MVP

Tony De Jonker is principal of De Jonker Consultancy and offers Excel Financial Modelling – Development & Training to national and international clients. He is host and co-founder of the annual Excel Experience Day, Excel Expert Class, Excel Summer Boost and Amsterdam Excel BI Summit. Tony offers a range of Excel related training courses such as Master Class, Dashboards, Investment Analysis, Cash Flow Forecasting, and Financial Modelling based on more than 42 years of business experience. Microsoft has awarded him the title of Excel Most Valuable Professional since 2015.


Building a dynamic Cash Flow Forecast

During this session you will learn:

• Building a dynamic Cash Flow Forecast
• how to create a dynamic timeline to cater for variable time views
• how to link sources such as AR & AP downloads
• to create a custom Cash Flow Forecast Report

Michael Olafusi

Founder of UrBizEdge

5x Microsoft MVP

Michael Olafusi is a 5 times Microsoft Excel MVP, a certified Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM), a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a workaholic. He is passionate about using readily available tools (MS Excel, Power BI, SQL, Python & R) to make high quality data and analysis available to all. This passion has driven him to create online courses, online tools, an Excel club for university students and his own data analysis consulting firm.


Earning High Consulting Income In Low Income Countries.

In this session Michael will share tested practical ways to go from a struggling consultant to a highly sought-after high fees/ income consultant especially in low income countries. He will also touch on practical tips for scaling, pricing, marketing, product/ service development and positioning.

Sumit Bansal

Founder of

6x Microsoft MVP

Sumit Bansal holds the Excel MVP title for the 6th year in a row till date. Having stared his blog, as an experiment in 2013, 2 years later he was able to turn his passion into a full time job. His blog consists of in-depth Excel tutorials, videos and online courses. Sumit is considered to be one of the top bloggers in India and has been featured on many relevant publications.


How to monetize your Excel Skills online?

In this session, learn how you can turn your skills into online profit. Sumit Bansal will share tested tips, tricks and methods for achieving financial freedom though Excel.

jordan goldmeier

Chief Data Therapist at


Jordan Goldmeier is “Chief Data Therapist” at, where he empowers individuals, teams and executives to be smart data thinkers without investing in expensive new technologies. He has authored two books on Excel and data visualization, and once saved the United States Air Force $60million (using Excel). Past clients include NATO Training Mission, Principal Financial and H&M.


Strengthening our signal: how you can turn your Excel passion into a business

Excel is an old product but the challenges facing today's Excel freelancers are new. The way companies are using Excel has changed, and the old corporate workshop model is slowly fading. How do you reach your potential customer? And can an Excel freelancer actually make money in today's environment? For the last five years, I've worked tirelessly to build Excel.TV into a thriving online community. I've learned and failed a lot. For the first time, I'll be pulling back the curtain on my journey and show you what I've learned. Come with questions!

Cristiano Galvão

Founder of GENECSIS,

Excel Turbo & Excel Weekend

Cristiano Galvão is an international consultant that helps large companies organise their data and understand their users’ behaviour. He is also a LinkedIN instructor, content creator at Excel Turbo and an active member of relevant technical communities. Cristiano is also responsible for running Excel Weekend, the largest Excel conference in Latin America.


Data Analysis with Excel in Brazil and Abroad

Based on experience with consulting services and training in Brazil and other countries, Cristiano will discuss different techniques available within Excel for analysing data.In addition, he will provide his insight on how global Excel practitioners have been evolving their use of the tool in order to achieve the desired valuable insight for their businesses.

Liam Bastick

Founder of SumProduct

8x Microsoft MVP

Liam runs consulting, auditing and training firm SumProduct, offering services in Excel, financial modelling, Power BI, M&A and valuations. With arguably the world’s worst sense of humour, Liam is on a mission to change the world one analyst at a time so they will work more efficiently and effectively in all things decision analytical. Based in Australia but always in the air, Liam is highly proactive in Excel summits around the world (including Amsterdam, Auckland, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, New York, Perth, Toronto, Sydney and Wellington) and is an established author with six books in Excel, financial modelling, mathematics and Power BI. 


Most Comprehensive Excel Example. Ever.

So this item is disrupting the original agenda, so why not focus on Excel’s new disruptors? This session takes an age-old Excel problem for making lists more manageable by combining the new (dynamic arrays, new functions and operators), with the old (data validation, custom number formatting, conditional formatting), the ugly (deliberately creating errors, and using non-auditable functions like INDIRECT) and the under-used (Tables, text functions and TRANSPOSE). Whether the example strikes a chord is not the issue; the emphasis is showing how many different areas may be brought together to work collaboratively. Bring your best speed reading glasses, a healthy sense of humour and a seat belt, because you are going to have to strap in for the ride.

Boriana Petrova


5x Microsoft MVP

In 2008 Boriana is awarded among the TOP 25 of the best instructors in Microsoft World Company business evaluation and measurement – Knowledge Advisers. Boriana has been featured as a Speaker at numerous international Microsoft events. Some of the locations include Bulgaria, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Australia and the UK. Founder and administrator of the user group Microsoft Office Bulgaria for Microsoft Bulgaria.


New and Upcoming Features in Excel

The Мagic of Conditional formatting and more… was founded in 2014 by Excel enthusiast John Michaloudis. John and his Microsoft Certified team teach 100,000+ professionals how to use Excel to stand out from the crowd & become more efficient via their 500+ blog tutorials, podcast interviews, webinar trainings and E-Books. In 2018 they launched their flagship online course – The MyExcelOnline Academy – where they teach & support 2,000+ members on features like Formulas, Macros, VBA, Power BI/Query/Pivot, Charts, Dashboards, and many more!

Boris Hristov

Founder of 356labs

5x Microsoft MVP

Boris is the Founder of presentation agency 356labs and a PowerPoint MVP. He has presented in 25+ countries and has been rated as the top speaker numerous times. Boris has years of experience as a trainer, mentor and consultant and works with companies to help them write, design and deliver truly effective presentations. Some of the companies he’s worked with include: Deutsche Telekom, KPMG, Renault, Societe Generale, Roche, Publicis, Experian, Bosch, VMWARE, adidas and a many, many more to help them write, design and deliver truly effective presentations.


Create in Excel. Present in PowerPoint. Effectively.

Do you happen to create excel charts that you need to present as part of a PowerPoint presentation? What if I tell you that most data visualization are not as effective as they could be when used in a presentation context? In this session you will learn how to tune your charts in order to convey your message across efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. This is a demo-only session so get ready to have some fun!

Story, Design, Delivery: Next Level Business Presentations

Nope. That is not your typical presentation skills workshop. Get ready for something different, and innovative. Learn the difference that sits behind those presentations that keep you on the edge of your seat, and those that send you right to sleep. Get ready to go behind the scenes and understand what makes top presentations out there so successful. Be ready for exercises and colours that will enrich your mind. We will cover each component of truly effective presentations while working on them - story, design, and delivery. What's more, you'll learn the concept of "contrasts" and how to use them in order to turn any topic into an engaging story. Come with ideas you want to work on and get ready to have your mind blown.

Robin Waite

Founder of Fearless Business,

Business Coach & Book Author

Robin Waite is a husband and father to two young girls, with a passion to help business owners set fearless goals and achieve great success. Robin is a business coach, regular speaker at various business events and bestselling author of two books, including the recent popular release Take Your Shot. He puts his 2 decades of business experience to work, coaching clients to reach their goals. Which includes helping clients get married and buy their first homes!


The Magical marketing Mystery Machine

Who wants the ultimate quick win in marketing? Everyone, I bet.
Imagine this though; Lewis Hamilton wasn't born in a car, he had to learn how to drive. As with marketing, you’ve got to learn how to do it FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Here it is, the answer you're all waiting for. Marketing, or the art of creating brand awareness, is determined by the value you give away up front, for free. Websites, books, brochures, flyers, advice, speaking, podcasts, ads, pdf downloads etc ...there it is, the answer 👆👆👆
Ok. Obvious. Now the difficult bit. You must find 2 or 3 things/activities which work for your business. This is YOUR marketing mix. It is unique to YOU and YOU'VE got to “learn” it.
Robin will debunk all of the common marketing myths and show you all how to market your business moving forward, avoiding the common pitfalls and negative backlash along the way. This Marketing Mystery will be solved.


"Productising a Service” – Product Architecture, Pricing and Sales

Business hinges around 3 Core Pillars:
1. The product
2. How much you charge for said product
3. And your ability to sell it
Business owners commonly sell a single core product and then, after seeing the price, wonder why potential customers turn around and walk out of the door before they’ve even had a chance to engage in a conversation.
During this workshop I will teach your guests how to build up “Know, Like and Trust” through creating a suite of products at different prices. Building trust and thus removing friction in the sales process when you finally put your core product in front of them.

Apparently, there are three ways to grow a business:
• Sell more of the same product/service
• Cut your costs
• Sell the same product at a higher price
Now, 90% of business owners I know are grinding their gears with marketing, trying to sell more of the same product and flat out struggling to make any progress. Your accountant will be helping you to cut your costs.
Which leaves the last option, Selling Your Products at a Higher Price. More importantly your confidence and ability to sell your product at a higher price. This is the hardest one; if you put your prices up everyone will leave you and go to your competition, right? WRONG!
During this talk Robin is going to remove all your negative beliefs around how you price your products, removing all of the friction from the sales process, and ensure that you achieve the financial goals in your business.

Celia Alves

Founder of Solve & Excel


Celia Alves is a certified Microsoft Excel Expert specialized in developing custom tools to help companies improve productivity and reporting accuracy. By combining Excel features, VBA, Power Query and Power Pivot, Celia builds work systems that allow: automation of data importing; data cleansing and analysis; accurate, consistent and professional; looking reporting as well as task automation.



This session will present a real business case, guiding the audience through the challenges of developing a business system with Excel, from the client’s request to the final product. The session will include:
• demonstrating how we can combine the multiple tools available in Excel to build a business application tailored to the specific needs of a company (generate professional-looking pay statements for his staff and get accurate and insightful reports about his business financials);
• walking the audience through the challenges of implementing what it seemed to be a simple request at first and presenting the solution found for the main problems (key factors involve importing data with Power Query, creating a Data Model with Power Pivot and DAX and automating procedures with VBA.)

One of Excel’s strengths is its flexibility to allow the development of custom solutions. Dealing with real-life challenges offers the developers an opportunity to expand knowledge and skills and the business owners a chance to deepen their understanding of their business.

Gašper Kamenšek

Founder of Excel Olympics

3x Microsoft MVP

Gašper Kamenšek is an Excel MVP from Slovenia, Trainer, and Consultant at Excel Olympics and owner and Lead Author at Excel Unplugged. He has dedicated his work to the noble goal of helping people enjoy working with Excel by helping them master it. As we all know, we love doing what we excel at (no pun intended).


Why Power Query Joins are even better than Xlookup

Xlookup is the new kid on the block and a much-needed alternative to Vlookup. And whereas it will reign supreme among the functions, there are still a lot of things that Power Query Joins can do, that Xlookup just can't. This session will cover all the Join types with real-life examples that should make it clear, that Power Query Joins should be a vital part of every data analysts toolbelt.

THE Power Pivot data model

This MasterClass could just as well be called optimization techniques for data modeling in Excel. In this whole day MasterClass we will use Power Query and Power Pivot to build a light, agile, fast and easily manageable data model. In other words, we will create THE data model. This MasterClass should give you clear guidelines for data modeling that you will be able to use on each model you will build in Excel.

Leila Gharani

Founder of XelPlus

2x Microsoft MVP

Leila Gharani is a Microsoft MVP. She runs her own Excel site at and has an active YouTube channel with many engaging, high quality videos. Most of the videos are Excel tips and tricks based on questions and suggestions she gets from the Excel online community and professionals. If you’d like to create useful tools and get more done, check out Leila’s bestselling online courses on her website. Her background is Masters in Economics, Economist, Consultant, Oracle HFM Accounting Systems Expert & Project Manager. Her passion is learning, sharing and solving difficult Excel problems.


Useful Business Tips & Tricks in Modern Excel

Excel’s changed forever! Data analysis just got easier. Discover how the new improvements can simplify your files. These changes affect everyone using Excel for Office 365. Don’t have Office 365 yet? Learn how you can benefit so you’re ready when the time comes.


Founder of

11x Microsoft MVP

Chandoo runs one of the most popular and extensive online resources for data analysis and dashboard reporting through Excel & Power BI at His mission is to make people awesome in their work. He has trained more than 10,000 professionals on Excel, Power Pivot, VBA & Power BI through online & in-person classes. 


How I created a million dollar Excel product - lessons on product design, marketing and customer service.

Come and learn how Chandoo created a million dollar software with Excel. How he designed it, marketed it and how he built the sales funnel. What worked, what failed and how you can apply the ideas for your own online (ad)ventures.

Advanced & Interactive Charting with Excel.

Create beautiful, striking and insightful business charts & dashboards with this one day masterclass. Use powerful Excel features like slicers, maps, forecasting, formulas and tables to enhance your regular business charts. Understand the process for making executive dashboards to tell complete story in one picture. • Aimed at: Intermediate to Advanced users • Software used: Excel 365 / 2019 / 2016 • Type of class: Lab + hands-on. Delegates are expected to bring their computers and follow along. • Material: Soft copies of workbooks, datasets and supporting PDFs will be provided after the masterclass • Preparation materials: Free 2 hour video crash course will be provided to beginner level users. They need to complete this before attending the masterclass.

We here at PerfectXL believe Excel is incredibly powerful, but also acknowledge that there are risks involved. In collaboration with the Technical University in Delft, PerfectXL strives to create software solutions that improve Excel use around the world. We aim to reduce risks, increase productivity, and simply to provide users with applications that make Excel more enjoyable to work with.

keySkillset introduces educational games to master MS Excel and Financial Modeling, and become extremely fast and efficient:

* Learn by doing (better than video training);
* Learn at your own pace (better than live training);
* Have fun, collect awards, compete with others, rank as the best (additional motivation features only games can give).

The Open Theatre area of our Expo Show is powered by keySkillset.

Squirrel365 is a software company with a vision of building products to take Excel users to the next level. Their number one product, Squirrel, allows you to quickly and easily build interactive visualisations, value calculators and applications from your spreadsheets.

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   • To request your feedback on events for our market research purposes. You will be able to accept or decline any such invitation to participate in market research as you wish, and generally all feedback will be anonymous or constitute personal data (e.g. details of company size). Any personal data that is collected with such research will be processed on the basis of your consent.
   • For our own reporting and analytical purposes to enable us to improve our services and support our customers, including through the use of email performance tracking.
   • For our own record-keeping and general administrative purposes regarding our handling of your personal data and other operational activities.
   • To provide you with customer support and resolve any complaints.
   • To send your marketing communications (if you are a delegate, sponsor or exhibitor registered for the event with your corporate email address).
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   • To assist with our internal training purposes.

   • To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations (including under applicable data protection laws).
   • For preventing, investigating and detecting crime, fraud or anti-social behaviour and prosecuting offenders, including working with law enforcement agencies.
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   • We may disclose your personal data with the following third parties:
Our third party providers of operational and business services, who are authorised to process your personal data on our behalf and pursuant to our instructions as necessary to run our events and provide you with the services you request from us, including:

  o Our payment processing providers, Stripe, PayPal and FreeAgent.
  o Our registration provider and manager, Eventbrite
  o Our exhibitor suppliers’ platform, GES (Global Experience Specialists Limited).Our exhibitor          o Our design provider, Go Diamond.                                                                                                                o Our IT, back office processing and marketing service providers.

    Any third parties who acquire DATEL or substantially all of its assets, in which case personal data we hold about you will be one of the transferred assets.

  •    Any third parties with whom we are required to share your personal data in order to comply with our legal obligations, to enforce our terms and conditions or to protect the rights, property, or safety of DATEL, our customers, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

You may, in circumstances, have the following rights in relation to the personal data we hold about you.
You can exercise all the rights applicable to you by contacting us at the email address below:

You can request to:

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We will endeavour to respond to your requests within one month and free of charge. Please note that in respect of all these rights, we reserve the right to:

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If we refuse your request to exercise these rights, we will give reasons for our refusal and allow you to challenge our decision. If we have shared your data with others, we will tell them about your request to rectify, erase, restrict or object to the processing where possible. If you ask us, where possible and lawful to do so, we will also tell you with whom we shared your personal data so that you can contact them directly.

If you have any concerns about how we handle your data, please contact us. If you are not satisfied after we’ve tried to resolve your issue, you’ll be entitled to lodge a complaint with our data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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Where we do need to transfer your personal data in the future to any countries outside the EEA, we ensure that such transfers are made subject to appropriate safeguards as required by applicable data protection laws to ensure that a similar degree of protection is afforded to your personal data, including by ensuring that overseas recipients of your data have been selfcertified under the Privacy Shield framework, are located in a country deemed to hold adequacy status or through the use of EU Commission approved standard contractual clauses.

For more details on the safeguards in place for transfers of your Personal Data abroad, including how to obtain copies of these where relevant, please Contact Us using the details below.

Online privacy and security are the most important aspect of any customer service and we take it extremely seriously. We use a variety of the latest technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, destruction, use or disclosure.

We restrict access to your personal data to those employees, and third parties, who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal data.

We keep your data for as long as it’s necessary to meet the relevant purposes for which we’ve collected your data, including for the purpose of satisfying any legal, accounting or reporting requirements.

To determine the appropriate length of time for holding your data, we consider the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm, from unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data, the purpose for which we process your data and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means, along with the applicable legal requirements.

We may need to update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices, technology and legal requirements. We will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on the Website from time to time and, where appropriate, notify you by e-mail. All personal information held by us will be governed by the most recent Privacy Policy posted on the Website, so please regularly check the privacy policy for updates.

This Privacy Policy only addresses DATEL’s use and disclosure of your personal data. The Website may contain links to other websites, including those of our business partners and payment processors, suppliers, social media pages and affiliates, and at our events you may share your personal data with other visitors, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, media and/or press representatives. If you share your personal data with any of these third party websites or entities, please note they will have their own privacy policies governing their use of your personal data and we are not responsible for these policies or for their misuse of any personal data. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any external websites or exhibitors/sponsors before you submit any personal information to them.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our treatment of the information you provide us with, please contact us at or via post on 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London, England, SW1W 9SH.

terms & conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 The Global Excel Summit (the Event) and (the “Website” is operated and managed by DATEL Productions Limited (“DATEL“, “we”, us“. “our”, the “Organiser“). We are limited company incorporated in England and Wales with (no. 10106893) with a registered office address at 123 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, England, SW1W 9SH.

1.2 “Event Participant” is anyone, attending the event in any shape or form, including but not limited to visitors, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, media and press representatives, or guest speakers.

1.3 The Event is taking place at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre, located on Broad Sanctuary, Westminister, London SW1P 3EE, United Kingdom (the Venue) between 6-9 February 2021.

2. Registration and Payment
2.1 All visitor/delegate applications to register for the Event are subject to availability and receipt of full payment.

2.2 All Event Participant passes, issued for use at the Event, are valid for named Event Participant only and cannot be transferred to another person.

3. Refunds
3.1 Should the Event be cancelled for any reason other than in the ‘Force Majeure’ event, described in clause 12, Event Participants will receive full refunds, following the Event cancellation announcement.

3.2 The Organiser will only refund the cost of a booking if one is unable to attend due to 1 of the following reasons, affecting the Event Participant or an immediate member of their family: an injury, illness or death; vehicle theft; home burglary or fire; court appearance or work relocation one is unaware of at the time of the booking.

3.3 To apply for a refund, Event Participant(s) will need to submit a refund application form alongside evidence of the extenuating circumstances that prevent them from attending the Event at the scheduled time and place.

4. Data Sharing
4.1 By allowing their badge to be scanned by an exhibitor/sponsor, visitors/delegates agree to provide their name and contact details to the specific individual/ company. The Event Participant agrees to be contacted by the exhibitor/sponsor in relation to product and/or service marketing, promotion, or any discussion.

4.2 By allowing their badge to be scanned by the onsite registration provider, all Event Participants agree to provide their name and contact details to the Organiser. This data is used only to evaluate attendance levels at the event.

5. Photography and Recording
There will be photographers and film crew in attendance, who will be taking pictures and recording/streaming certain aspects of the event. By accepting these terms, every Event Participant authorises such photography and recording and permits the Organiser to use the Event Participant’s picture, video and/or voice for promotional and/or archival purposes, without liability, compensation or credit to the Event Participant.

6. Exhibitors
6.1 Exhibitors agree not to re-sell, sublet, or otherwise transfer the ownership of the exhibitor space they have purchased without a prior written permission from the Organiser.

6.2 In consideration of providing the services, the Organiser has agreed with each exhibitor in writing and granting each exhibitor the licence to use and manage their dedicated exhibitor space, exhibitors agree to pay 10% non-refundable deposit upon acceptance of their contract. The remaining 90% are due 3 months before the Event. All fees, sent by the Organiser to the exhibitor are expressed to be exclusive of VAT, which the exhibitor agrees to pay at the prevailing rate at the same time as the payment of the exhibitor fees or any other charges.

6.3 If any of the Exhibitor package fees are not paid as per the schedule above, the Organiser may suspend provision of the Services and refuse Exhibitor access to the Event site. Late payments are subject to 8% interest charge per month on the outstanding balance.

6.4 Exhibitors agree not use, nor give access or right to any other person from their exhibitor team to use any part of the Site for:

6.4.1 any illegal or dangerous activities or for any other purpose that may harm the reputation and credibility of the Event, the Event partners and/or the Event venue.

6.4.2 Any purpose, which based on our reasonable opinion, may be perceived as disturbing, noisy or annoying to us, the Event Participants, or to anyone, occupying the adjacent Venue premises.

6.4.3 The sale of food, drinks, tobacco products or any other refreshment without prior written consent from the Organiser.

6.5 Exhibitors agree to not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive or other coatings, or damage the Venue facilities via any other way anywhere at the Event Venue.

6.6 The Organiser may terminate the Exhibitor contract if:

6.6.1 The Exhibitor fails to comply with and perform all of the Contract terms and conditions, listed in clause 6.

6.6.2 The Exhibitor becomes bankrupt or makes an arrangement or compromise with his creditors or, being a Company, enters into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary.

6.7 The Exhibitor is free to cancel their participation by giving written notice of his intention to withdraw from the Contract to the Organiser, subject to the payment of a percentage of the total contract price as follows:

6.7.1 50% if cancelled 1-3 months before the Event.

6.7.2 100% if cancelled 1 month or less before the Event.

6.8 The Organiser reserves the right to make changes in the floorpan of the Event or in the Exhibitor’s stand in case this is considered in their opinion to be in the best interest of the Event, including but not limited to altering the size, shape and/or position of the space, allocated to the Exhibitor.

6.9 The Organiser requires Exhibitors to have public and employer liability to the value of £10 million each.

6.10 Exhibitors agree to take all reasonable steps to make sure that all individuals and third parties involved with or connected to the build up, breakdown or the Event delivery at their exhibitor stand take precautions to abide by all exhibitor clauses, mentioned above.

7. Media and Press

7.1 Press and media partner passes are restricted to journalists, publishers, editors, broadcasters, web bloggers and photographers, associated with the industry and/or the subject matter of the Event.

7.2 Each holder of a Media and Press badge may undergo an extra set of security checks, including but not limited to providing evidence of press or media accreditation. Some press and/or media applications may not be accepted by the Organiser.

8. Confidentiality
8.1 Each party (the Organiser and the Event Participant) agrees not to disclose any information, received from the other party that is defined as Confidential; or

8.2 make any use of such Confidential Information other than for purpose that is approved in writing by the other party.

8.3 Each party may disclose Confidential Information received from the other to its responsible employees, sub-contractors or suppliers who need to receive such Confidential Information in order to perform their duties, associated with or linked to the delivery of the Event.

8.4 The confidentiality obligations in this clause do not apply to information, which subsequently becomes available to the general public other than due to a breach by the receiving party; or is already known by the receiving party before disclosure by the disclosing party; or the receiving party rightfully receives such Confidential Information from a third party, which has not restricted its use in writing.

8.5 Each party agrees to return and destroy all Confidential Information, received from the other Party at the end of the Event Period unless required for audit purposes, in which case the party, keeping the Confidential Information shall disclose the length such Confidential Information will be stored.

9. Liability
9.1 Neither the Organiser, nor its employees/contractors shall be liable for any Event Participant’s damage and/or loss of personal items that might have occurred at the Event site.

9.2 Neither the Organiser, nor its employees shall be liable for any Event Participant’s personal injury or death, that may arise from the Event and/or use of the facilities at the Event Venue unless caused by the Organiser’s negligence or due to fraudulent misrepresentation of what the Event would look like for each Event Participant.

9.3 Exhibitors and/or sponsors agree to defend the Organiser from, and indemnify the Organiser against any liability for injury to a member of the Exhibitor’s team, their agents, contractors or employees that may have occurred on the Event Premises during the Event Period.

9.4 All personal items that belong to any of the Event Participants are the sole responsibility of the individual to whom they belong. The Organiser shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to, or safety of, the property/personal items of any visitor, delegate, Guest Speaker, Media and/or Press representative, sponsor, exhibitor, exhibitor’s staff, or any contractor working on the build up and/or breakdown of the Event.

10. Third Party Rights
A person who has not purchased tickets through the Organiser’s official Event website, has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any term of these terms and conditions. This does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists, or is available, apart from that Act.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

12. Force Majeure
Neither the Organiser, nor the Event Participant shall be in breach of these terms and conditions if such breach results from events, circumstances or causes beyond their reasonable control such as but not limited to flood, epidemic, terrorist attack, fire or failure of a utility service. In such case, the Organiser will not be responsible for any loss of business, loss of profits, damage or expense of whatever nature the Event Participant may suffer.

13. Right of refusal
The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any registration application for the Event.

14. Privacy and Data Protection
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for all details around Privacy and Data Protection prior, during and/or after the Event.

15. Contact Us

If you have any questions about any of these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at or via post on 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London, England, SW1W 9SH.

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Danielle Stein Fairhurst

Principal of Plum Solutions, Australia

Danielle Stein Fairhurst is the Principal of Plum Solutions, a Sydney-based consultancy specialising in financial modelling and analysis. She is the author of “Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling”, Third Edition published by Wiley Finance 2019 and “Financial Modeling in Excel for Dummies” published by Wiley in 2017.


Building the Excel Modelling Meetup Community

In today’s online world where we can access information instantly and learn how to do just about anything via online tutorials and videos, why is there still such demand for face to face events? Since 2015, Danielle Stein Fairhurst has been running regular Financial Modelling in Excel Meetups in Australia with now over 3,000 members locally. Come and hear the good, the bad and the ugly on how she leveraged her network to build a face to face community as well as a high-profile online presence.

Building the Financial Model Dashboard

Summarise the outputs of your financial model using standard Excel skills into a concise, dynamic and visually appealing one-page dashboard report which can effectively communicate the results of your model to others at a glance.
Learning outcomes:
• To quickly get to grips with the size, depth, quality and quantity of the data to be shown on the dashboard
• Decide the most appropriate presentation of the data and design layout
• Based on the desired outcome, availability of data and frequency of update, determine the best technical tools for the job

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As a passionate Excel enthusiast, entrepreneur & long-time freelancer, my goal is to not just teach people around the world the amazing power of Excel, but more importantly show people how to reach their goals and dreams with this powerful tool. I coach people how to leverage their skills, experience & knowledge to create amazing and valuable solutions so they can turn their passion into profits without having to trade time for money. There are too many poor Excel experts in this world, and I aim to fix that problem.


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How to step out of the box and into the spotlight, letting your unique Excel skills shine in a crowded marketplace.

Creating Your Wealth & Success With Excel

In this masterclass I will teach you how to leverage your Excel skills to create incredible value for the marketplace and use those skills to gain the freedom, wealth & success you desire. We will take a deep dive into the fundamentals of creating real solutions for real businesses that will enable you to create recurring & passive income for life.