Who Is It Made For?

The Expo Show is a gathering place for every level of Excel-lence, from entry-level self-starters and corporate teams to MOS-certified experts and even Microsoft MVPs. At Global Excel Sum(it), everyone is a part of the sum. It’s the perfect place for newcomers seeking sharpened skills, seasoned pros in search of new insight or MOS certification, and business leaders in need of top-notch Excel training for their entire team or a second opinion on their database solutions.

What To Expect?

The Expo Show is an interactive exhibition where experts learn from each other and share their Excel insights with newcomers eager to learn. Whatever you need to know, you’ll learn it at the Expo Show. Meeting leading experts and suppliers from virtually every sector; getting free training and career advice and gearing up for a practice test with the help of our FREE “Get Certified” help desk, are just a few of the things you can expect to see. 

Expo Show Takeaways

The Expo Show is an experience you’ll reference in job interviews, team training programs, consultancy sessions, and even in your own memory as you problem-solve and data-crunch for years to come.The Global Excel Summit is what you make of it with the Expo Show at its heart. You’ll expand your professional network and make new friends. MOS certification and its career benefits are fully within reach. Best of all… it’s all FREE.


In a saturated marketplace, insight is armor. Step into our open theatre whenever it’s convenient for you. Grab a seat and get ready for competitive advantage. You’ll learn how Excel is the new “universal language of entrepreneurship” — and how fluency can set you apart. Hear from Microsoft industry experts specializing in: Real estate, Business, Financial modelling and much more…

Imagine walking into a classroom and walking out with a raise. That’s reality. Getting certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) can earn the average entry-level business professional a £12,000 increase in annual salary — and we have everything you need at the Expo Show to start your prep! Our Academy sessions will give you the expertise you came for, from MOS essentials to special skills, pro tips, and beyond. It’s a real MOSterclass… and at no extra charge.

Financial Modelling Podcast

Podcast fans already know all about The Financial Modelling Podcast, the 5 star-rated show that was named one of the top finance podcasts of 2019. Now’s your chance to sit in on a live session featuring on-the-floor interviews with summit speakers and nominees of our Financial Modelling Innovation Awards. You might even have an opportunity to get behind the mic yourself!


Connect with over 30 premium industry suppliers and like minded professionals. Whether you’re looking to solve a business problem, master a skill or simply get certified – we’ve got you covered.



Now it’s time to put all that MOStery to the test. Did you know that practice tests are shown to improve exam results? The Expo Show is your chance to take this test on a test drive. We’ll provide all the equipment and training, while our friends at GMetrix supply the software. You just show up and take the test! It’s the best first step you can take toward MOS certification.

Ever wish you could bring your laptop into a clinic and let a Microsoft MVP solve all your problems for you? Welcome to the Expo Show, where Excel experts are on hand to help you with unusual issues or routine errors, from # DIV/0! and #Name? to #Value!, #REF! and beyond.

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