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Excel templates

One of a kind Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets templates for you and your business. Built by Someka.

Boost your productivity

Ready to download Excel templates you can start using immediately. Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Card view template in Excel and Google Sheets

Kanban Board Excel Template

Effortlessly manage your workflows and tasks in cards view. Perfect for keeping projects organised.

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Employee Leave Tracker in Excel and Google Sheets

Employee Leave Tracker

Track the absence of your employees with printable dashboards. No more mysterious empty desks!

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CRM template in Excel and Google Sheets

Excel CRM Template

Track your tasks, customers, meetings with this powerful yet easy-to-use kanban dashboard and calendar.

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Automatic  Flowchart Maker in Excel

Automatic Flowchart Maker in Excel

Generate flowcharts from data automatically by turning complex ย processes into easy-to-understand diagrams.

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Management KPI template in Excel and Google Sheets Download

Management KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Track critical metrics to evaluate target setting. Includes most common metrics for supervisors. Ready for your presentations with dynamic charts.

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Mind maker Excel template by Someka

Mind Map Maker Excel Template

Brainstorm and generate ideas from data! Connect and move boxes, and add or remove branches.

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Increase your efficiency

Everything you need to become more productive and more efficient in your project management, marketing and every day business operations.

Black Belt Excel Package

Project Management Excel Templates Bundle

Take the pain out of project management and achieve specific objectives according to business goals. Includes nine templates.

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Power Excel Bundle

Marketing Excel Templates Bundle

Ease the marketing workload by creating content, managing content types, and tracking performance. Includes six templates.

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Black Belt Excel Package

Small Business Excel Templates Bundle

Handle day-to-day business operations with a range of tools designed for SMEs. Includes 15 templates.

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